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Interactive Map of the Border Barriers in the World

What is the meaning of the word ‘Wall’? According to the dictionary: „ … a vertical and compact architectural element which divides and separates one or moreterritories or space units“. A good example is of course the Berlin Wall or contemporary ones that are being build at this very moment like between the US & Mexico, Morocco & Melilla, Israel and Gaza.

But does a wall always have to be physical? Let’s not forget the invisible ones, those that do not allow us to find work, push us off from our families, homes or education.  Those walls that block our paths like selfishness (a wall that keeps us from looking any further then beyond our selves), violence (a wall that destroys our lives and hopes), intolerance and racism (a wall that segregates human beings from one another).

Unfortunately many of us are unable to see these invisible ones.

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