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Refugees: Point of impact

  • Posted on: 05, 25, 2017
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refugees_point_of_impactWe live in a system of private property seeking at the same time to be a part of an advanced society. The spaces are public or private governed by borders.

The borders reflect the human lacks, are the main obstacle towards a true evolution. A revolution of understandig, compasion and love which is capable of knocking down the walls of the ego and the greed.

We forget that our forbears were as refugees. It is a phenomenon inherent in the mankind, f.e, the crusades, the Moslem invasions, etc.

From children on a small scale we can experiment some similar sensation. You will never forget this so long, so strange and special day, to begin a new year in a different school, without friends with whom to share. Probably the language has also changed  and suddenly in the instant of giving up your first tear you remind few times the words of your father like a prayer ” the time to conquering your future is right now, this one is your opportunity”.

It has already been done late but nevertheless you will surrender to the everlasting instant, you will feel a big hug and the clap on escapular area and you will be receiving the blessing for the day.

We all of someone or another way are refugees because we look for a transformation, evolution and in the current situation is unattainable. The inefficient bureaucracy is the mainly obstacle because it doesn’t allow to legalize fast the status of people.

We can spend as refugees only for the fact of changing our paradigm, of deserting our confort zone. The right way to evolution will postponed meanwhile the mankind don`t shape an human character.


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