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“Bridging through Stories”, our personal film series

  • Posted on: 07, 25, 2017
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A project aimed at raising awareness and improving understanding of the realities affected by walls. The world is increasingly more divided by walls. But does a wall always have to be physical? Let’s not forget the invisible ones, that are even harder to traverse and are all around us. Like the steady accumulation of economic treaties between rich countries that permanent exclude poor countries from a prosperous future or the many others existing in our minds, like selfishness, violence, intolerance and racism.

We think each of us has a responsibility to be aware of these realities, many of them triggered by international affairs. It’s very important to at least be aware of and educate oneself about. We can’t just live close-minded, thinking that our life is the only one for us.

The medium of film enable us to reach new audiences and bring disparate audiences together. We think film and activism do go well together and can then move forward to igniting a change in somebody else, and then from there it can turn into a movement for changing the world.

“Bridging through Stories” aims to raise awareness and inspire social change.

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