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About us

18591km is a group that began in 2014 as a result of the reflections that brought about the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Our objective is to promote an international way of thinking, taking tolerance as a starting point and transferring it to all areas of culture in order to promote a modern way of understanding between different peoples. The initial goal is to bring the existence of walls (both physical and mental) in our daily lives to the awareness of society in order to minimize their social impact. We think that it is important that this reality is not forgotten, but also that the total elimination of walls does not appear as a simple utopia in the mentality of the people of this world.

Another goal is to provide aid to people who are being persecuted for reasons of politics, gender, race, or religion. Another important task that we undertake is the organization of workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events so that refugees, and displaced people can find a channel for integration and a place to meet people with and without migratory backgrounds.

We attach particular importance to the spreading of information through cultural and artistic events as it is the most universal way to convey ideas to a wider audience. We aim to create a place where different groups can interact, give opinions, and reach conclusions. This is done through group projects, the education of society, communities of friends, and the involvement of artists concerned with social changes. In this way, we want to acheive a platform of inspiration, first, for the people of Berlin, and then for the rest of the world.

This is intended to be framed in a local and international context, the mission being taking action and seeking greater social justice and international solidarity, rather than being a research project.

The project’s success is based on the active participation of independent artists and a multitude of volunteers and collaborators, with Celia Andrés Calvo, Roland-Tim Heienbrok and Marc Llinares Ruiz standing behind it as the main coordinators, who have not been content with merely discussing these issues, but have worked hard to bring them further into the public eye.

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