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Screening: I didn´t cross the border, the border crossed me

  • Posted on: 07, 26, 2017
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On August 25th we will launch officially our new project consisting in a series of evening screenings entitled “Bridging through Stories” and we are thrilled to announce the projection of the Documentary film: “I Didn’t Cross the Border, The Border Crossed Me” (1h 09min – Georgia / Germany 2015) The event will take place at 800A (Berlin) […]

“Bridging through Stories”, our personal film series

A project aimed at raising awareness and improving understanding of the realities affected by walls. The world is increasingly more divided by walls. But does a wall always have to be physical? Let’s not forget the invisible ones, that are even harder to traverse and are all around us. Like the steady accumulation of economic […]

One evening with 18591km

18591km in colaboration with Migration Hub Network present a new project open for everyone. One evening with 18591km comes with a screening of the movie “Rhytm Is It!” and a call for volunteers. Rhythm Is It! is  German documentary film directed by Thomas Grube and Enrique Sánchez Lansch. The film documents a project undertaken by the Berlin Philharmonic principal conductor Simon Rattle and choreographer Royston Maldoom who […]

Refugees: Point of impact

We live in a system of private property seeking at the same time to be a part of an advanced society. The spaces are public or private governed by borders. The borders reflect the human lacks, are the main obstacle towards a true evolution. A revolution of understandig, compasion and love which is capable of […]

TUR – SYR: 899KM – An der Grenze zum Krieg – Exhibition

  • Posted on: 02, 16, 2017
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Since 2011 more than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in an armed conflict, which began as another so called “Arab Spring” uprising against an autocratic ruler and then escalated into a brutal proxy war that has drawn regional and world powers. More than 4.5 million people have fled Syria since the start of the […]

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