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CETA, TISA & TTIP … The Solution to All Problems

EU Commision says: About CETA: “Europe currently faces big challenges, like: – kick-starting our own economy – responding to conflicts close to our borders – adapting to other, emerging economies outside Europe – maintaining our influence in the wider world.” About TTIP: “… benefit people in Europe, the US – and the rest of the world, too.” […]

The Reduction of the Refugee Solidarity Movement to Just Another Trend

  • Posted on: 09, 15, 2016
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Year 2011, while the effect of the Egyptian arab spring seemed to get rapidly contagious over another Northern African countries, ousting dictatorial regimes after decades of unbroken rule; a resistance movement against El-Assad government rose up in Syria. But in contrast to what happened in some neighbour countries and certainly because of its strategically geographical […]

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Schön, dass ihr da seid – Willkommensfest 2016

Morgen ist es soweit, das „Schön, dass ihr da seid – Willkommensfest 2016“ findet wieder auf dem Tempelhoferfeld statt. Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen. Von 12 – 20 Uhr. 18591km e.V. veranstaltet eine Reihe von Workshops: Yoga, Spiele, Teather/Storytelling von 12-17 Uhr in der ‘Zusammenkunft-Ecke’. Eingang über : Herrfurthstrasse / Oderstrasse – Ubahnhof Boddinstrasse Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fXofaDyVWt42 […]

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